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Feb 18, 2022

Welcome to today's episode of Angels Don't Lie with your host Jeanne Street. 


In today’s episode Jeanne teaches us how you can discern energy and signs starting with the fundamental alignment with Divine Energy; discerning low and high frequencies and understanding how our chakras and senses pick up and receive energy. 


If you have ever felt like you received a sign from Heaven only to find yourself doubting or second guessing it? You’re not alone.


There is a reason why you have been led to listen today, you may be learning how to work with your innate spiritual gifts, or looking for guidance in your life; to raise your vibration, connect with God, feel uplifted and connected to a Divine higher power and your higher self - no matter where you are on your journey and path, you’re in the perfect place. We hope you enjoy the 206th episode of Angels Don’t Lie.


The 5 Steps for discerning energy like a PRO:

1.Ground & protect your energy

“Only that which is of God can come to me.”

2.Cycle breathing to balance your chakras

3.Adjust the frequency of your chakras

4.Awaken your senses

5.Write it out


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