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Feb 24, 2023

It's almost here! My Angel Party is on Tuesday! February 28th starting at 5:30pm EST.

This will be a virtual experience that you can join from anywhere, where we will be connecting to your angels and loved ones in Heaven.

*Every single person will have a vastly HOLY experience during this party.*

Registration is only $77. Bring a friend, stream and host your own Angel Party in your home, or just come on as you are to RECEIVE.

If finances or any other blocks are holding you back from enjoying this holy experience, please reach out to me on facebook or instagram and we will make sure to give you an option where you can attend!

Register for the 02/28 Angel Party now!


Hello, my beautiful friend, and welcome to the Angels Don't Lie Podcast. 

Today’s episode features an incredibly special guest, Dr. Lenore Matthew, PhD, MSW, Doctor of Social Work AND psychic medium. 

Her psychic abilities suddenly opened up when her husband unexpectedly took his own life. 

Today, Dr. Matthew blends her scientific background with her intuitive gifts to help others heal through trauma and grief and find their soul path forward. 

Her writing on grief, traumatic loss, and healing through Spirit has been published by various outlets, including the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), The Mighty Community for Mental Health Awareness, and Love What Matters. 

She continues to work with her husband in Spirit, who is her main guide and co-creator. 

You can learn more about Dr. Matthew and her work at,

on Facebook at, 

and on Instagram at @drlenorematthew.


I hope that you enjoy this very special episode!

You are unconditionally loved!




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