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Opening song credit: Lucky Gambino

May 12, 2023

Hello my beautiful friend and welcome to this episode of Angels Don't Lie!

I am wishing you a peaceful and happy Mothers Day weekend!

And my wishes for blessings go out to more than just mothers of young or adult children.


To the women who selflessly give their time, energy and love into mothering back the Earth. 


The women who rescue and mother animals, or rehabilitate wildlife. 


The plant-parent, restoring riverbeds, soil and gardens. 


The women who have given birth to stories, songs, works of art, community projects and lifelong dreams.


The aunts, cousins, sisters, teachers, light-workers and partners who lovingly nurture their people with that sweet, affectionate motherly love. 


The women who LOVE, unconditionally and whole-heartedly.


On today’s episode we tenderly lean in during one of my Angel Community Pop-Up Readings and hear messages from Heaven that are meant for not only the person receiving the message, but for you, too! The messages that resonate within your heart are meant for your soul’s highest and best good.

I know you will enjoy this episode!!

You are unconditionally loved!






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