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I have always been an energetically sensitive gal, a Divine truth seeker who is deeply inquisitive about issues of mystical wisdom. I’ve had the gift of mediumship, knowing, the undeniable truth and wisdom that flows from the Divine and through my being for as long as I can remember.
Come along with me on a heavenly, insightful journey. I will showcase what it’s like to live life spiritually and soulfully connected. I will also illuminate how to discover your God-given gifts within. This will allow you to invite Divine love in and dramatically shift your life.

Opening song credit: Lucky Gambino

Nov 24, 2016

Welcome to Angels Don't Lie with Jeanne Street!  Jeanne is a God based medium, owner of Inspirit Healing Studio and author of the book The Goddess You.  Angels Don't Lie is a show dedicated to healing and love.  Jeanne takes live questions during the show, every Tuesday at 7PM EST (Call> 646-891-5252), listen to the show live on the web player at jeannestreet.com or you can email a question to jeanne@jeannestreet.com. 

Broadcast : November 22nd, 2017

Jeanne's topic is spiritual well being.  GR Winans from KBJB's "The Rock Show" joins the show tonight and the angels are buzzing!  GR talks about growing up Catholic and wanting to be the first priest to play professional baseball.  GR's
has a guiding force - ACIM - A Course In Miracles, a channeled work, .  Other notable people teaching ACIM are Gabby Bernstein, Gary Renard and Marianne Williamson.  Jeanne reminds us about self love and staying in alignment with God.  Her 12 principles outlined in her book "The Goddess You" help you stay in alignment.  Forgiveness is a key principle.  Jeanne and GR discuss forgiveness from an ACIM point of view.  Jeanne and GR talk about a person's free will and lessons put in their path.  Onion! Onion! Onion!  Jeanne shares information surrounding a client's liver disease.  All the negative energy funnels into the liver and it tries to clean out the system.  It is an auto immune disease created by the lost connection.  Jeanne tells how to surrender to the connection, meditation and get rid of what is affecting you.  The Mirror effect - what we think and feel is what we reflect out and what comes back to you.  Earl Nightingale - You become what you think about.  The book "What To Say When You Talk To Yourself" by author Shad Helmstetter Ph. D.  A recommended App "Notes from the Universe" by TUT, sending affirmations daily to your device.  Jeanne likes sticky notes with self love on the mirror to give yourself affirmations each day.  Caller Patti, from Grinnell, Iowa, looks to connect with past loved ones.  Her father and grandfather come through very strong.  They are very excited to share their love and message.  Mack calls asking about her relationship status.  Jeanne can feel health issues.  Mack is dealing with grief issues and battling cancer and her medication is causing her acid reflux and lowering her immune system.  Jeanne asks to keep Mack in our prayers.   Trish calls in looking for advice on love.  Angels say to release the old, move forward taking care of herself.  Son has Asberger's Syndrome and her daughter is in college.  The show ends with GR leading a prayer he uses each day.

Thanks for joining Angels Don't Lie Episode 3.
Be sure to join us next Tuesday, November 29th, 7PM EST. 
Call in number 646-891-5252.  Listen to the show on the web player at
jeannestreet.com or on KBJBradio.com

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