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I have always been an energetically sensitive gal, a Divine truth seeker who is deeply inquisitive about issues of mystical wisdom. I’ve had the gift of mediumship, knowing, the undeniable truth and wisdom that flows from the Divine and through my being for as long as I can remember.
Come along with me on a heavenly, insightful journey. I will showcase what it’s like to live life spiritually and soulfully connected. I will also illuminate how to discover your God-given gifts within. This will allow you to invite Divine love in and dramatically shift your life.

Opening song credit: Lucky Gambino

Nov 25, 2016


Welcome to Angels Don't Lie with Jeanne Street!  Jeanne is a God based medium, owner of Inspirit Healing Studio and author of the book The Goddess You.  Angels Don't Lie is a show dedicated to healing and love.  Jeanne takes live questions during the show, every Tuesday at 7PM EST (Call> 646-891-5252), listen to the show live on the web player at jeannestreet.com or you can email a question to jeanne@jeannestreet.com. 

Broadcast : November 8th, 2017

Welcome to the maiden voyage of Angels Don't Lie with Jeanne Street.  Jeanne is joined by KJ of KBJB's Warped View.  Jeanne explains who she is and what she does with her gift.  Jeanne uses her gift to help connect people to spirit and guide them on their journey.  Jeanne gives her definition of spirit.  She explains her services at Inspirit Healing Studio.  Jeanne talks about dreams and vibration.  The first caller, Melissa from Sandy Hook, is looking for insight on her career change.  Jeanne reminds her about free will and we make choices.  Stella call from Florida to connect with her father.  She is mad at his loss and grief has a grip on her.  Jeanne gives her some tools to help bring the love back into her life.  Her father says she needs to get back to her roots, her religion.  Jeanne reminds us to reconnect with God and love.  Another caller from Florida, Annette, asks about her family issues and how toxic it has become with her son.  The angels say to stop the gossip.  Jeanne says to pray and call on the archangels for help.  Jeanne shares her channeling of Jesus while helping a friend.  Jesus came forward and told her of a tumor.  Of course after she goes to the doctor it is confirmed but inoperable.  Jeanne work with her to help shrink it through her diet - seaweed, chaga mushrooms and other natural items.  Jeanne answers an email question - Is a medium going against God?  Jeanne explains!  Jeanne finishes with a meditation session.  She does a short meditation session and takes us through some cycle breathing.

Thanks for joining Angels Don't Lie Episode 1.
Be sure to join us next Tuesday, November 15th, 7PM EST. 
Call in number 646-891-5252.  Listen to the show on the web player at
jeannestreet.com or on KBJBradio.com

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