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Apr 21, 2023

Welcome back to Angels Don’t Lie!

In this week's episode, I'll share with you the very intimate and personal experience of grief after losing a dearly beloved family member. 

There’s an interesting duality that can take place when a medium or spiritual person experiences loss. 

Yes, we can connect with the other side and gain that reassurance that they’re in a better place. 

But… we still feel the grief, pain and suffering from the loss of them no longer being here on the Earthly plane with us.

I believe that allowing ourselves the time and space to grieve is crucial, and we shouldn't avoid our feelings or talk ourselves out of them. 

In fact, experiencing grief is an opportunity to open up and come back to our place of compassion, respect and leaning on God. 

Throughout this episode, I'll also share some insight that I have learned through not only my own experiences, but through witnessing firsthand my clients’ journeys through their grief, and how we can lean in with LOVE to ease the pain, if even just a little bit. 

I hope you enjoy this deeply heart-felt episode.

You are unconditionally loved!




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