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Opening song credit: Lucky Gambino

Mar 7, 2018

Great night of callers, high energy and just a great time.  Jeanne sets the theme - bad moods and broken relationships.  Angels Don't Lie!  Jeanne tells us a personal story of losing a close friend.  We had four great calls tonight.  Jeanne tells us about guidance and standing in your own truth from a position of love.  She explains how choices made of your own accord are better for you.  Goddess Youniversity update - daily card readings - not a member?  Whaaaat??  Are you seeing numbers?  Jeanne goes to her book after seeing the number 22.  Bonus - hear the song - Angel's Don't Lie by Lucky Gambino - in its entirety at the end of the show.

Callers - Cassandra, California, told us she spoke her truth and was wondering what the spirits had to say.  Jeanne has some great information to pass on from the spirits. June, Connecticut, called in with an update from her hospital trip and a taste test with KJ of Unicorn Pie.  Angela, Indiana, talked about her premonitions.  Jeanne explains why we see them.  K'Rina, Connecticut, calls to say she is feeling a little cranky!  Jeanne explains why and how she is not alone.  She also throws in some menopause tips.  K'Rina, Jeanne and KJ have a giggle fest and it is contagious.
Wellness tip - Magnesium - Jeanne tells you best types to help you.  Signs of deficiency - muscle cramping, poor digestion, increased PMS, contributes to osteoporosis.  Benefits - increased energy, calming (great before bed), relieve constipation. Must listen!

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