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Jun 17, 2022

In today’s episode of Angels Don’t Lie, Jeanne Street, God-based Medium, Healer and Author meets with Robin Tesei, a kindred Spiritual Medium, Healer, Teacher, and Intuitive Coach. 

Like Jeanne, Robin offers spiritual workshops, angel readings, healing sessions, mediumship, and meditations to strengthen your Divine connections, develop your spiritual gifts, and balance your mind~body~soul; empowering and gently guiding you through your spiritual journey.

Robin’s passion for empowering others began twenty years ago when she was experiencing traumatic challenges and learned to work with and trust the Divine angels. When doing so, she saw her life positively transform into more joy, greater self-love, challenges became manageable, miracles appeared, and she felt great support from the angels’ unconditional love and healing. 

As a result, AngelHappiness was created where Robin devotes her spiritual gifts and wisdom to nurture spiritual development, self-love, and healing in others.

Robin has certifications in Angel Communications, Angel Healing, Angel Therapy, Angelspeake, Angel Card Readings, Intuitive Coaching, Mediumship, and Reiki. Robin continuously enhances her learning and growth by taking numerous spiritual workshops, seminars, and numerous trainings.


Listen to this episode to hear the uplifting, validating, healing and empowering Heavenly messages channeled by Jeanne & Robin for the call-in listeners during the LIVE recording. 


Tune in to learn key ways to release self-limiting beliefs and embrace the totality of self-love. 


“[My work] It all circles around healing and empowering others to learn their tools and to strengthen their connections; to awaken their spiritual gifts.

Becoming aware of their intuitions. I love using that word -empowering, empowering others so that they can live a more peaceful, joyful loving life, the best they can and want to live.” - Robin Tesei


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IG: @angelhappinessllc

FB: @angelhappiness44


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