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Dec 24, 2016

Festival of Joy
Listen as the hosts from the Warped View - June and KJ - chat with Jeanne at her Inspirit Healing Study in Woodbury, CT.  KJ, June and Jeanne, host of Angels Don't Lie, talk with all the wonderful people who make up the Inspirit Healing Studio.  We are also treated to a song by Cooper as we talk to him and his mother Luanne about their book An Angel Among Them.  June and KJ talked with Ryan Jett of the Hypnosis Center of Connecticut.  located in the Inspirit Healing Studio.  Ryan explained how hypnosis is actually a very useful tool to help you take back control of the behaviors, emotions, feelings and habits in your life that were once out of control.  June chats with Sue Martovich from Salt of the Earth Therapeutic Spa.  Sue details the benefits of salt therapy for our listeners.  The studio was filled with Christmas music by the Connecticut Yuletide Carolers.  Jeanne talks to Ali Chellis, of Celebrated Face an accomplished aesthetician of over 38 years, with a shop in the Inspirit Healing Studio.  The last interview was with Sean Flanagan a massage therapist at Inspirit Healing Studios.  Be sure to check out his video with the singing bowls.

Book Launch Announcement! - January 26th, 2017
Jeanne talks with Kari Del Vecchio with the breaking news of Jeanne's book launch - The Goddess You

Jeanne Street
Inspirit Healing StudioThe Goddess You
An Angel Among UsKari Designs
Hypnosis Center of ConnecticutSalt of the Earth Therapeutic SpaCelebrated Face
Connecticut Yuletide Carolers

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