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Aug 21, 2020

Finding God again, From starvation to humanitarian  

Angels Don't Lie session with my guest Allessandro Piovezehns..

One man's journey of being abandoned by his family, left to starve and find shelter on the streets of Brazil to finding God through forgetting Him first. 

Allessandro tells us about how he gave up on God and turned inward to trust only himself. His life of crime and violence was turned around after meeting a spiritualist who gave him a chance to reclaim his life and led him to become the humanitarian and following God's guidance to be of service.

Listen in on how God is guiding and speaking to Alessandro now and how he has been led to help rebuild The Silo, at Hunt Hill Farm, in New Milford CT. and reinstate the vision of a cultural arts center that was founded by the late Ruth and Skitch Henderson.