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Opening song credit: Lucky Gambino

Mar 28, 2018

WOW!  Callers! Callers! Callers!  Jeanne could feel the energy tonight and Spirit said "Listen to the people!".  8 Callers tonight!  The members of the Angels Don't Lie Facebook group also got a treat again with a Live session (TIPS - to hear all audio, you must listen on or the KBJB app; calling in? then turn down Facebook Live to stop feedback).  Not a member?  Send a request today!  Jeanne also had a conversation with Heather; friend, assistant at Inspirit, empath and more!  Jeanne had her try a salt scrub recipe (you need this!) to help cleanse the energy she picks up during the day and wanted some feedback.  Are you an empath?  Listen to some of the feelings you may be going through to find out. 

Callers -
Tissue Alert!  Suzanne, CT, connect with her mother, Kay; Jenn, CT, some guidance, Jeanne and Spirit offer meditation to help quiet the mind; Angela, FL, connect with her mother, Kathleen; Jeanine, CT, connect with her grandmother, Rita, but she has a message for her mother.  A message we all need to hear and heed!; Tami, NY, connect with her mother, Dee, heart warming; Heather (another Heather!), LI NY, connect with a close friend, tissues!; K'Rina, CT, feeling anxious; Dawn, WV, connect with her brother, lost suddenly and now some closure.  Please send our prayers for our brave callers. 

Wellness tip - Salt Scrub - Jeanne passes on a salt scrub recipe which is a must!  Not only will your body be clean after a shower but also your soul!  The recipe will help wash the negative emotions right down the drain.  Hint - kelp, bentonite clay, oil.

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