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Opening song credit: Lucky Gambino

Jun 6, 2020

On today’s Angels Don’t Lie session you get a front row seat with master coach, life artist, speaker and author Carmell Clark.  


Carmell comes to this session with a vital topic for us:  How we ignore our journey of self acceptance and why we need to do the work now!


Carmell opens the conversation with a story of a personal awakening that occurred for her at the age of 19. She described it as a time that she took stock on the inside and listened to, trusted and followed every single feeling and thought that came up. She allowed it to completely come through and tell her the truth of herself right then and there. Then, after that moment. She was not the same person! She said “That moment was defining for everything else in my life that would come.” She references that moment and others like it that have come along her journey, every time she feels herself out of alignment. It is the solidness inside of her when the bottom drops away that helps her recalibrate and come back to herself as her reference point. As she continually asks herself the question “who am I?”


She takes you on a guided journey through a wake up call assessment with yourself by reflecting on 5 insightful concepts.


She takes you on a guided journey through a wake up call assessment with yourself by reflecting on 5 insightful concepts.



  1. Am I first with myself? There is no one else living your life. Are you living your life for yourself, or for others? 
  2. Acceptance of self.- the wake up call is that you are either living on purpose or you’re not.
  3. How you show up in your life shows you who you think you really are. This causes a recurrent wake up call- How do you show up to yourself?
  4. Is it your life that you are living right now? Or, is it a life that is meeting other people’s needs or expectations? Your job, your responsibility at the deepest level of your being is to live YOUR life. 
  5. You and I have our own purpose. This purpose has been working behind the scenes since the day you were born. Our journey of accepting ourselves is the direct path to our unique power and purpose on this planet. It moves us. It is the essence of who we are- we can’t not do or be it.



“Make no mistake, our purpose is resident in us. It is already there. We are already fulfilling it.

The journey to accepting myself is the path to my purpose. Choose somebody else? Or, choose yourself.” 

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