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May 27, 2022

You’re invited to the online Angel Healer Immersive Virtual Retreat on June 4th from 9am - 4pm!

Typically, the Angel Healer Immersive is a 1-day in-person event that follows Jeanne’s 2-Day Angel Healer Training.

But, this year - Spirit guided Jeanne to virtually offer this 1-Day Event as an Online 1-Day Virtual Retreat!

You can learn more about the Angel Healer Immersive Virtual Retreat on 06/04 by going to:


In today’s episode of Angels Don’t Lie -  Jeanne Street, God-based spiritual medium, healer and author meets with her Angel Team, Colleen & Sophia for Part 4 of 4 - the final Divine Discussion on Jeanne’s first book, The Goddess You: Principles for Living in Soul Alignment. 

Jeanne shares that we all have our own peeling open, or what she likes to refer to as our awakening: when we come into a realization of who we really are. And for some people, this awakening eludes them because they are not yet understanding what the signs are that are guiding them towards the awakening. Jeanne admits that she was one of those people- not understanding why she felt, heard and saw all the things that she did. Although her senses (or claires) were “dialed open,” she wasn’t ascending to her purest soul self and felt “all over the place.”

But with the continuous Divine guidance from Spirit, Jeanne started to understand the “nudges” that were leading her towards her highest soul self. And by following each nudge one at a time, without resistance, - Jeanne discovered the 12 principles for living in soul alignment, which then became her very first book, The Goddess You.

Today’s episode is Part 4 of 4, covering principles/chapters 10-12 of

 The Goddess You book: Principles for Living in Soul Alignment

  1. Help, I’ve Lost my Balance
  2. Mind, Body and Spirit
  3. Intuitive, Gifted You


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