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Aug 14, 2020

I am joined this week by Katie Coelho.

Her and Jonathan's story has made national news headlines and Katie was asked to tell their heartbreaking story on the Anderson Cooper show. 

Katie's is mother of two beautiful children, Braedyn and Penny. 

Her message today is both painful and powerful.

Grab your tissues and lean in to hear more about how this young families life has been forever changed after loosing a father & husband to complications of Covid19. 

Picking up the pieces: Navigating an unplanned Journey through Love, Grief and parenting. 


When Jonathan and I became a couple 10 years ago, we knew that our broken puzzles were completed. We had both come from lives filled with challenges, loss and growth. But when we came together, we felt we could conquer life together, and life decided to give us huge mountains to climb. 


Our journey was filled with devastating pregnancy loss, IVF, a son who was born with severe medical complexities, and a daughter who was our miracle baby.


We had been through so much in our 10 years together, we thought our family could conquer anything as long as we did it together. 


Then Covid 19 happened, my husband, my children and I were all infected. Our fear was for our son who fell into the high-risk category, thankfully the kids and I were mostly asymptomatic. Jonathan, however, became very ill and was intubated without my knowledge. He fought for 28 hard days; he was determined to come home to us. However, life had other plans and he passed unexpectedly on April 22nd. Making me a widow at 33 years old, and our 1 and 2 ½ year old without their amazing father. 


After sitting with Jonathan after he passed, I discovered a goodbye note he had written the kids and I before we even knew he was going to be intubated. This note ended up going viral, and since I’ve been able to share what an incredible husband, father and human Jonathan was. It’s now my life mission to share our story, and his story. 


•My goal is to show people the realness of grief, the ups and downs of losing your soulmate and spouse.

•That its ok to not be ok, to lose your faith but try to find it ok

•To help families with medically complex children and the hope you can find in your chaotic life

•How to parent and keep going when your life has been turned upside down.

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The SCOTTY Fund Provides financial and family services to ill children in Bethel and the greater Danbury area of CT.