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Opening song credit: Lucky Gambino

Mar 2, 2023

**This episode contains references to the experience of sexual assault, viewer/listener discretion, journaling and seeking additional support is lovingly advised.


Welcome back to Angels Don’t Lie!

This episode samples what a Medium reading can look and feel like, either one-on-one or in a group setting.

During a reading I go wherever God brings me, delivering messages from your angels and departed loved ones that are meant to serve your highest and best good. 

I share these with you, my wonderful listener, because I know that the messages that come through are not JUST for the person in the Angel seat. These messages can help and serve you, too.

Do you have questions for your Angels or departed loved ones?

Take a look at my upcoming Heaven Now group reading events at

Inside these two hour healing experiences, I use my God-based method to deliver profound messages from your departed loved ones and channel healing guidance from God and the heavenly realm.

To keep these events intimate and allow each participant a personal message, spaces are limited. 

Reserve your Heaven Now seat today!


I hope that you enjoy this very special episode!

You are unconditionally loved!