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Opening song credit: Lucky Gambino

Aug 12, 2022

Hello, hello, hello & welcome to another episode of Angel’s Don’t Lie!

Love, the day is finally here! My Empath & Sensitive Soul Masterclass is tomorrow, Saturday August 20th! And YES! There are just a few spaces left, you can still register! 

This day is going to be so full of yummy nuggets of love for you. If you’ve always known that you’re an intuitive, energetically sensitive soul - then this is the perfect masterclass for you. 

I will teach you my God-based method for clearing your energy and auric field; how to trust and know the difference between your core color energy and the energy that you may have picked up from someone else; and my proven method for safeguarding, protecting and upleveling your energetic soul self. 

I know that God led you to listen for a reason and I cannot wait to share what’s in store for you today.

Today’s episode is all about getting you back into the frequency of Divine love. In our day-to-day we can get so wrapped up in the busy to-do lists and constant mind-chatter that we forget to take moments to get back into our God groove. 

So my friend, that is what today is all about. 

This is really special as I’m gifting you a free peak into my online Angel coaching group Soul Shine. What you’re going to hear today are clips from this week’s session. If you’d like to be a part of Soul Shine, you can learn more by going to my website and clicking on Soul Shine.

I hope that this really serves you today and that you enjoy today’s episode of Angels Don’t Lie.

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You are Loved. 


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