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Opening song credit: Lucky Gambino

Feb 27, 2018

Ding Ding!  Round 2 of callers!!  Jeanne talks with six callers and tackles gut problems.  Thank you to our brave callers who open to Jeanne and allow us to send our love and prayers their way.  Jeanne gives information about gut health and touches on problems caused by not taking care of your stomach.  Issues like diverticulitis, leaking gut and perforated bowels can creep into your life if you don't take care of your digestive track.  Wellness tip is a must listen!

Callers - Get your tissues!  Allison from Connecticut has a whirlwind of activity and wanted to hear what the angels have to say.  The angels have some great advice.  Cindy from Florida, also looking for guidance around career, finances and love.  Her aunt comes through to offer advice and love.  Angela from Indiana called to talk about orbs video.  If you are not a member of the Angels Don't Lie Facebook group then send an invite either through Facebook or email -  This video is a MUST see!  Angela shares with us about the loss of her husband two years ago.  He comes through to comfort her and help to move past the grief and live again.  Indri from Massachusetts called about her daughter.  Her daughter is feeling a negative spirit around her.  Jeanne offers up the best way to counter it.  Jeanne also connect Indri to her father, very emotional for everyone!  Jenn from Connecticut needs change and skunk brought it.  Jenn wants to connect to her friend Tiffany who is on the other side.  Sally from Michigan, Rachel's Mom :) called to connect wither her Uncle Pete.  He has some great advice and we enjoy a laugh with our friends from Michigan!  Please send prayers for all of our callers tonight.
Wellness tip - How To for a Healthy Gut - you can't get enough veggies, more fiber, feed the flora probiotics, remove food from diet and watch the effects, enzymes, and aloe.  Yes aloe!  Must listen!

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