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Opening song credit: Lucky Gambino

Mar 20, 2018

Grief was a major topic tonight but first a special treat tonight!  Jeanne and KJ do a simultaneous Facebook Live session during the radio show!  It may start to be a permanent thing but your must be a member of the Angels Don't Lie private Facebook group.  You still need to tune in KBJB Radio to get all the audio including the callers.  Jeanne starts out with a response to a question "Do we dishonor God with our actions involving Jeanne's connection to Spirit and other spirituality methods?".  It didn't take long for the calls to flood the show and we appreciate the patience.  We also want to apologize to those holding to which we could not get to tonight.  Please call back next week!  We want to hear from you.  Please send your prayers to all our brave callers!  To see Jeanne's video series about grief you can start here -

Callers -
Alyssa from FL, missing a loved one and Jeanne connects her to help with some grief and questions. Melissa from IN, calling to give an update and has some questions about her marriage and the connection between her father and grandfather.  Susan from CT, looking for some guidance from loved ones.  Jeanne zeros right in on her ulcer and high stress.  Listen to what her father, Frank, has to say.  Jamie from CT, recently lost her mother-in-law and very close.  Jeanne addresses her guilt and offers some guidance from spirit.  Jeanne from Long Island, called because she is missing her daughter.  Jeanne connects her to Kari to help ease some pain and questions.  Samantha from CT, praises Jeanne and all she has done for her and others.  Jeanne connects Sam with her parents and they have some great advice.  Dawn from KY, seeks some resolution to a friend, of many years, unexpectedly walking out of her life.  Jeanne says "let it go", find it why.

Wellness tip - Glutathione (GSH) - coined the "The Mother of All Antioxidants" Jeanne explains how it can help with Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and cancer.  Sources include milk thistle and whey protein.

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Broadcast from the KBJB Studio: March 20th, 2018.
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