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Apr 24, 2018

Jeanne's two minute therapy - Stop it! FYI she stole it! :) Tonight's shows centers on getting over the past and moving away from feelings and relationships no longer serving you. Jeanne talks about moving through the grief.  We get a great call from Pat Zachman of the Greater Danbury Women's Center - Jeanne and Pat have an amazing conversation about empowering yourself. Pat discusses the surge in women seeking help due to the news and old feelings coming back. They talk about grief, pushing through and downfalls of social media.

Callers tonight-
K'Rina, CT, talks about one of Jeanne's helpful tips for a family member, Jeanne talks to her about the chaos in her life as her grandmother comes through with help. Trish, CT, having troubles with her allergies. Jeanne has the best medicine to help combat it.  Trish looks for confirmation from her grandmother.

Wellness tip-Cacao balls-Jeanne has an amazing recipe for these super nutrient packed snacks. The recipe to be posted on the Angels Don't Lie Facebook page. 

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Listen to Jeanne explain what the 12 principles will do for you. 
Principle 3 - Changing your reactions - Life changing!   

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