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Nov 18, 2022

JOIN my *FREE* 90-Minute Workshop - Soul Map Session on November 22nd at 3pm!

This will be a group experience where I will guide you through a Divine meditation to connect with YOUR soul’s internal frequency and purpose. You can witness firsthand what a Soul Map Reading looks like as select participants step into the Angel Hot Seat. 

A Soul Map reading helps illuminate what is blocking you from receiving your fullest joy and helps you directly identify with what your soul has come here to accomplish. You will leave with a renewed and heightened sense of intuition on your soul’s purpose and gain the confidence to make your next right move. 

Inside of this session I’ll share yummy details of my Angel Healer Mastery program - my year long mediumship training designed to help you up-level your gifts. 

Register for FREE here:

My team and I have released several dates for group readings! Receive, fill up your heart and gain the guidance and answers you have been looking for from spirit and your departed loved ones in Heaven.

Virtual & in-person options are available but space is limited so as to best serve and deliver messages to each participant – reserve your date & spot here:

Welcome back to another episode of Angels Don’t Lie!

This episode is part of my mini-series, Miracle Minutes: a little podcast short sure to fill your day with more love and joy.

I hope that you enjoy!

You are Loved!




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