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Jun 28, 2022

It’s time for you to Shine!

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Welcome to today’s special episode of Angel’s Don’t Lie! This episode is Day 2 of a special three-day event, The Wisdom of your Soul - centering around the principles of soul alignment and self-love, featuring a bonus ending meditation to connect you to your soul’s core color and infinite wisdom.

Imagine how it would feel to be free of yicky old energy and to raise your frequency into a receiving mode where you can fully embrace the loving abundance that God has for you. Discover the difference between living outside of your soul alignment, with leaky energy and a dissociative feeling, versus the abundance of Divine self-love and total soul alignment. Learn the foundational tools for tuning into the Wisdom of your Soul to expand your gifts and attract the desires of your heart into your life. 

Are you ready to go deeper with your Soul alignment and fully discover your soul’s truth and path? Virtually join Jeanne and a group of like-minded individuals twice a month on Zoom with her group Angel coaching and healing experience, Soul Shine.

Soul Shine helps you tap into the true and infinite wisdom of your soul. Receive support from Jeanne with Divine messages from God, Spirit, your Angels and passed loved ones in heaven. Access unlimited soul expansion and upleveling within this community. Embrace spiritual accountability and continued support through a group messaging app, where members can share their experiences and notable achievements with other members throughout the weeks in between sessions. All sessions are recorded for members to catch a replay if missing a session, or rewatch in their own time.

Soul Shine meets on the first and third Tuesday of each month from 3-4pm. 

Register for Soul Shine by following this link →


Need more time to decide if Soul Shine is right for you? Access Jeanne’s complimentary Angel Mediumship Third Eye Chakra Opening Virtual Masterclass.

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