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I have always been an energetically sensitive gal, a Divine truth seeker who is deeply inquisitive about issues of mystical wisdom. I’ve had the gift of mediumship, knowing, the undeniable truth and wisdom that flows from the Divine and through my being for as long as I can remember.
Come along with me on a heavenly, insightful journey. I will showcase what it’s like to live life spiritually and soulfully connected. I will also illuminate how to discover your God-given gifts within. This will allow you to invite Divine love in and dramatically shift your life.

Opening song credit: Lucky Gambino

Jan 2, 2021

12/29/20 Angels Don't Lie show

Inside this episode: Channeled readings, including a mother who is connected with her baby, a brother speaks to his sister from Heaven, a mother who recently crosses over let's her daughter know how she is doing and many more.

Plus... Witnessing the suffering of others is hard. These are big worries. And, these worries become burdens that block our receiving. Literally the huge worries that you are carrying on your shoulders are harming your body and wellbeing. They affect your ability to fight inflammation and illness. You have the ability to reclaim your personal power through prayer, meditation and breath work.

Your Core Color is the truth of your soul’s vibration. To connect to your color, close your eyes and come into your body and just connect with your favorite color, the one you’ve always loved since childhood. This is pure empowerment, knowing your soul’s vibration. This exercise is as powerful as doing a past life regression session or being hypnotized. I’ve had so many people say it’s more powerful for their well-being than any other method they’ve tried.

You're choosing how you're going to enter 2021. That's what you're doing right at this moment. You're setting this clear intention. I'm choosing to enter the new year peaceful. Amazing, abundant & free. Yes. Yes. Amen.


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